Behind Niles’ spirited determination and natural inclinations to invent and inform, creative forces drive nearly everything he does. He’ll tell you about cutting his teeth with the best and brightest chefs in Aspen, or what it’s like when your father’s one of the most recognized jazz bassists of the last 50 years.

So it’s easy to see how genetics inform how Niles makes it all happen in his bar. Ever since he created a program for Charlie Trotter in Vegas, he gained the kind of noticeable confidence you see in trained athletes at their peak. That derives from a lifetime networking with the best name-droppable chefs and praises from Rachel Ray, USA Today, Aspen Magazine, and much more.

A certified sommelier, Niles seems more driven by his passion to create anew and at once use the best legacy ingredients and flavors. As a result of a rather privileged exposure to how things work in premium establishments, Niles can afford to devote energies to fostering the right environment, mentoring staff how to match his own accomplishments and skill, and impart unparalleled technique and flair to everyone’s favorite wine, boutique spirit, or cocktail. And he’s always scouting the horizon for new concepts, invitational local wine and food pairings, and what’s next in hip mixology.

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