Looking for a venue in the Edmonds area? You could land anywhere from a fire station meeting room or hotel banquet hall, to a hair salon or a restaurant or art gallery. What you choose depends on a lot of factors that you will want to answer before you even begin your search.

Who (and how many) are you inviting? 

The local bank meeting room might be a great choice for your non-profit board meeting –  but not so much for a group of corporate executives looking to celebrate a retirement from their ranks. Who’s coming to your event and why they’re coming drives a large part of the decision-making for yoru event location. So, too, does the number of people coming. Is this a stand-up reception or a sit down meal? The event venue should be able to let you know based on how the event functions exactly how many they can accommodate.


Oh yeah. Ambiance is everything. And this point goes back to the question of Who’s Coming. What kind of “feeling” do you want them to have when they’re in the event. Is it all business, or business and fun? Do you want them to feel relaxed, or on the edge of their seat ready to drive the conversation. A hotel banquet hall works great for business meetings or presentations. Restaurants banquet rooms are more likely to have a laid back and welcoming feel. 


Location, location, location. It’s everything in real estate and pretty important for venue selection. Is it close to where your attendees live, work or play? If you’re looking in Edmonds, do you want to be close to the famous waterfront? Are there easy transportation options that deliver guests to the doorstep, such as transit, ferry, bus, or ride share programs. Will your guests feel safe? If it’s a long event or meeting, are there outdoor parks and walking paths nearby for a good stretch of the legs during the break? You might also consider, in terms of location, if there is enough parking for your event nearby, and whether or not it’s free.

Tech Support

Does your location offer WiFi or A/V support? Is it complimentary or do they charge extra for it? Do you want a sound system or are you planning on bringing your own? Don’t assume anything… if you need anything technical, make sure you ask  your contact at the venue first.


Does the venue staff set up for you? Will they work with you in advance to determine how you want it set up? Do they provide tables, chairs, linens, etc.? Some do and some don’t so be sure to find out. Expectations may also vary about who cleans up the event space following the festivities and if there are added charges for janitorial service.

Catering and Food

If the venue provides catering in house, find out if they have a food and beverage minimum. If so, you’ll want to find out what it is, and whether your group is likely to make that minimum. You can also use the feedback you receive in event registration, polling or other RSVP methods to predict your actual crowd size to help with this. This is also a good time to ask if your event will let you adjust the size of your room based on last-minute expectations of crowd size.

We are hopeful this information is helpful as you seek out the venue of choice for your next event. Edmonds and the surrounding area has many options for you to choose from, but we’re partial to our own first class event facilities. We’re happy to host you and your team, party, or office colleagues for your next event. 190 Sunset, located at Salish Crossing on the Edmonds waterfront, includes a private dining room that holds up to 70 guests for a sit-down event and up to 120 for a reception-style event. Outdoor patio dining is also available on our expansive deck. We’re also an Inclusive Partner for Cascadia Art Museum’s event space. Let us know how we can help!

It is with heavy hearts we announce that we have chosen not to reopen 190 Sunset.  


We thank our talented staff for their hard work and dedication in making 190 Sunset a truly special place for our guests to enjoy over the last several years. 


We also wish to thank our loyal guests for making 190 one of the most popular places in Edmonds. From holiday meals, to special events, to happy hours and live music - we appreciate each and every one of you who came through our doors and let us treat you like family.


While our chapter might be ending, we do know that the story of Edmonds as a great dining and cocktail destination will continue.


We will miss you all greatly!



Tom Budinick

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