There was a time when few people thought of celebrating Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. Turkey Day was home-cooking day, involving lots and lots of shopping and prepping and cooking and cleaning, followed by many days of persuading the family to keep eating turkey leftovers, so none of the bird would be wasted.

Those days, fortunately, are a thing of the past. Families – especially busy, working moms – are now thankful not to have to go through the seasonal stress of trying to cook a large, moody bird to perfection, while fixing endless sides and sauces and pies. Because how long does it take to prepare a Thanksgiving Dinner? No, not hours or even days, but weeks according to the famous Food Network Thanksgiving Countdown Planner, if you’re going to do it right:

  • Finalizing the guest list: 4 weeks
  • Menu planning: 4 weeks
  • Tool gathering (tool gathering?):3 weeks
  • Shopping list-making: 3 weeks
  • Ordering the turkey: 3 weeks
  • Buying the drinks: 3 weeks
  • Cleaning out the freezer: 2 weeks
  • Deciding on décor: 2 weeks
  • Shopping for non-perishables: 1 week
  • Preparing a cooking schedule: 1 week
  • De-frosting turkey: 3 days
  • Buying perishable ingredients: 3 days
  • Making sauces and pies: 2 days
  • Making side dishes: 1 day

No wonder, “stress-free” has gotten so deeply associated with “Thanksgiving”. Who has the time, or the patience – or the kitchen tools! — to pull off a Thanksgiving dinner that they can justifiably be proud of? And why work so hard for just a day when the meal can be equally enjoyable at a top Edmonds restaurant that welcomes this opportunity to celebrate and give thanks with you and your family?

We at 190 Sunset have decided to stay open on November 23 and put on a memorable Thanksgiving spread this year with roasted breast of turkey, slow-cooked New York striploin, roasted wild salmon and so much more. Our chef has made elaborate plans to surprise you with a feast that’s well beyond your expectation of a restaurant Thanksgiving experience. And we’re determined to make `eating-out’ on Thanksgiving a highpoint in your Holiday calendar and have you coming back to us, year after year!

Book early – in fact, book now – so we can save a spot for you and your family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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