If you’re a regular at 190 Sunset restaurant in Edmonds, you already know that Niles Peacock, Director Of Bar Operations, loves to have fun with cocktails.

From the clever, pun-intended naming of drinks to thumbing his nose at boring traditions and conventions — he is fully supported in his cocktail adventures by proprietor Tom Budinick, and needless to say, customers at 190 Sunset are totally in love with Niles’ genius with the muddler and the shaker and all the amazing recipes he is constantly coming up with.

Niles Peacock’s incredible talent as a merry mixologist has just won him the Best Bartender in Western Washington award from King 5, and sometime in the near future, connoisseurs will be able to access his best recipes, published in his first book too.

Meanwhile, Christmas is in high season and Niles’ fount of inspiration is in full flow. He, along with the team at 190 Sunset, have outdone themselves with the cocktail menu planned for the Holidays – cheekily divided into `Nice’ and `Naughty’ lists.

Choose from the `Naughty’ list if you’re the Scrooge or the Bad Santa sort. Reward yourself with a Sugarplum Fairy cocktail from the `Nice’ list if you’ve been good all year. Or get the Elf Fashioned one if you like to celebrate Christmas the old-school way.

Whatever your mood and however you like to celebrate Christmas, 190 Sunset has just the right cocktail for you, or select from our substantial wine list if you prefer.  In any event, invite your friends and family over for a cocktail tasting and share the season’s love at 190 Sunset! Even better, buttonhole that dashing, sartorial guy in a cravat, nerdy glasses and a sharp haircut if he happens to be around. That’s Niles Peacock in person, and a chat over cocktails with our Merry Mixologist is almost as good as the cocktails themselves!

The Holiday Drinks menu is posted below. So when do we see you?


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Nabanita Dutt